4m - KidzRobotix - Table Top Robot

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Ages 8+

Assemble a smart robotic crab which can detect the edges of any platform and make swift turns to avoid falling off. Watch it perform stunning acrobatics. Watch out!Do you know how to build a robot? The Science Museum Table Top Robot Kit can help your children understand the basic principles of mechanics and robotics. Build a walking crab that can detect the edges of the surface that it's on and avoid the edge. It can even perform stunning acrobatic moves to avoid falling off.The kit contains all you need to build a robot, with detailed instructions that even kids can understand. So they can build it on their own and feel a sense of an achievement. It also helps to develop children's STEAM skills that can be applied to everyday tasks.Powered by an AA battery, you can take the Table Top Robot anywhere with you and show it to your friends.

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