All Things Equal - Where's the Money Lebowski (17+)

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Ages: 17+
Players: 4 - 6
Playtime: ~ 45 - 60 min
Adult, Party, Pen and Paper

The Official Loaded Questions Party Game based on The Big Lebowski

HILARIOUS GAMEPLAY - In this adult party game for 4-6 players, choose your favorite answer and guess 'who wrote which answer' to 180 open-ended Loaded Questions inspired by The Big Lebowski

NO TRIVIA - Whether you have seen the cult classic film 0, 1 or 100 times, your enjoyment level and chance of winning are not an issue. It’s just a party game, man.

EASY RULES - This is not 'Nam, there are rules! But these rules are simple, man, so you can enjoy your Game Night right after opening the box.

ORIGINAL ARTWORK - All of the quality components, including the large format game cards, feature beautiful, original artwork by Dave Perillo.

OFFICIAL LICENSE - The Dude would approve.


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