Book - Color with Stickers: Dinosaurs

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Written By: Jonny Marx
Ages: 5+
Paperback, Coloring Book, Activity Book, Stickers

Children can color with stickers as they place the numbered stickers, found on the sticker pages at the back of the book, on the corresponding number on each page to complete the picture. Fans of dinosaurs will love this sticker-activity book, which features more 125 stickers, dozens of fun facts, and perforated pages. Young readers can learn which dinosaur could run as fast as an Olympic sprinter; whose tail spikes were as long as an umbrella; who was one of the slowest  dinosaurs; what other creatures existed alongside the dinosaurs; and much more!
Welcome to a world of coloring with stickers! Children can create pictures by matching the numbered stickers in the back of the book to the numbers on each picture. Each book in the Color with Stickers series includes more than 125 stickers to create exciting scenes!

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