Book - Find Me Adventures in the Sky

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  • Activities help children develop their observation skills by using context clues and drawing conclusions based on what they see, such as which alien has a cold, which acrobat is being lazy, and what seems out of place
  • Charming and colorful illustrations of adorable animals and objects that soar among the clouds will both delight and challenge children
  • Over 100 additional hidden object exercises for each engaging puzzle page, including colorful scenes among hot air balloons, space aliens, night owls, skydivers, tropical birds, and more
  • Help Bernard the Wolf sharpen his vision by searching for his friend playing hide-and-seek up in the sky, the perfect visual puzzle book for young children
Author: Agnese Baruzzi
Illustrator: n/a
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: FOX Chapel
Suggested Age: 6+
Page Count: 48
Theme: Hidden Pictures in the Sky
UPC/EAN: 9781641241151
Dimensions: 19.1 cm x 27.9 cm x 0.5 cm
Weight: 205g
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