Book - Grandma's Farm

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Grandma Ginny and Timmy take a trip to visit the site of the family farm, where the old house and some rickety buildings still stand. Timmy had visited with Grandpa before and learned all about his tractor, but Grandma has her own stories to tell of planting the fields, harvesting the crops, and feeding the animals. Guided by Grandma’s farm diary and her fond memories, Timmy and Grandma tour the land and talk about what life was like back then. This heartwarming intergenerational story is perfect for grandparents to share with their grandchildren, and for those looking for a story to share about simpler times.

Author: Michael Garland
Illustrator: n/a
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Astra Young Readers
Suggested Age: 4 - 8
Page Count: 32
Theme: Children's Farming Books, Farm Animals
UPC/EAN: 9781635925838
Dimensions: 28.9 cm x 0.9 cm x 26.4 cm
Weight: 500g
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