Book - How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?

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Cat lovers are everywhere! Now, with the same humour and warmth of their previous bestselling dinosaur books, Jane Yolen and Mark Teague show us how the sweetest dinosaurs know how to care for their kitties. From playing with cat toys to cleaning the litter box, children will love the silliness of "bad" pet-owner behavior as they learn what's involved in keeping your cat happy and loved. Also an introduction for children who may be getting a pet soon, cat lovers big and small are sure to embrace this book as a purrr-enial favorite!

Author: Jane Yolen, Mark Teague
Illustrator: n/a
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Scholastic
Suggested Age: 2+
Page Count: n/a
Theme: Dinosaur, Cat
UPC/EAN: 9780545153546
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