Book - Rolo's Story

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Written By: Blake Morgan
Illustrated By: David Dean
Ages: 6+
Hardcover, Children's Chapter Book

In this second installment of the new Dog's Eye View series, Rolo, a dog who always knows exactly what he wants, escapes a neglectful owner and sets out to live by himself--but is being on his own really what he wants? Includes black-and-white illustrations throughout.

Rolo is a dog who knows what he wants--and after living with an owner who doesn't take good care of him, he sets out on his own. But for a young dog living on the streets, each day brings a new struggle for survival. Then one day, he meets a girl named Freya. She takes care of him, and slowly, he begins to trust her. But can he and Freya convince Freya's strict mom to accept  a scruffy dog into their home and hearts?

Told from the dog's perspective, the stories in Dog's Eye View are full of adventure, excitement, and waggy-tailed warmth, highlighting the unique bond between dogs and their human best friends.

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