Book - The Sun Shines on the Sea

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Written By: Michael Slack
Illustrated By: Michael Slack
Ages: 1+
Board Book

A gentle introduction to the food chain for the preschool set, this eye-catching lift-the-flap book has a fun twist ending.

The sun shines on the sea. Phytoplankton soak up the sun. Hungry krill feast on the plankton. Next, a shoal of fish swirl around the krill. Then along comes some squid . . . And on it goes, up the oceanic food chain, from squid to tuna to shark and, finally, to whale. But what is the whale hungry for? Little ones will delight in lifting the flaps to discover what’s in each creature’s belly—and will enjoy the unexpected twist of the largest animal feasting on one of the smallest. With enticing flaps, simple language, and brightly stylized illustrations, Michael  Slack takes very young children on a sea journey up the food chain and around in a circle for a final surprise.

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