Book - Where's Waldo? Double Trouble at the Museum: The Ultimate Spot-the-Difference Book

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Written By: Martin Handford
Illustrated By: Martin Handford
Ages: 5+
Hardcover, Activity Book, Seek and Find

Maybe you’re good at spotting Waldo. But can you spot the difference? Head to the museum, where even the sharpest eyes are seeing double.

Waldo is wandering through the museum, where there are some devilishly difficult differences to decipher. Finding Waldo and his buddies is hard enough, but who can spot the minutiae that separate one Egyptian tablet from another? The dastardly details that make two maritime scenes unalike? The itty-bitty discrepancies between the vintage books and scrolls? With more than five hundred differences to be delineated, this brand-new spin on the art of spotting Waldo will have fans of all ages lining up to take a look.

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