Breaking Games - Top That Toast

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Ages: 18+
Players: 3 - 20
Playtime: ~ 30 min
Adult, Party, Storytelling, Hand Management

The bubbly is poured, and the guests are anxiously waiting for you to take the mic and make a toast that'll bring a tear to their eyes and a smile to their faces.

It's not every day that the opportunity arises to pay tribute to your kin and comrades, but with this cheers-inspiring game you can turn any casual get-together into a toast-worthy celebration! Top That Toast is a card game that celebrates the beauty of human expression by encouraging players to share their toasts with the most. The eldest member of your crew serves as the Facilitoaster, and sets the mood with the Tone cards that range from the classic Sincere, Tearjerker, and Roast styles, to Rhyme Time and Sing It challenges. Hundreds of topics like "bucket list item," "craziest family member," and "the biggest risk you've taken," provide plenty of fodder for an unforgettable exchange of words, wisdom, and wit.

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