Brotherwise Games - Night of the Ninja

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In Night of the Ninja, your mission is to kill the leader of your enemy’s ninja house...if you can figure out who they are! Each round, you choose your ninja role: a Spy or Mystic gains valuable information, but only an Assassin or Blind Assassin can cut down an opponent. To win, you’ll have to trick your opponents, figure out who can’t be trusted, and fight for your house!

Supporting up to eleven players, Night of the Ninja is perfect for parties. Designed by Justin Gary (Ascension, Shards of Infinity) this is a competitive, fast-paced social deduction game that anyone can learn in five minutes. With no moderator required, everyone can play! Every card features papercraft art by Ben Charman, intricately hand-cut and photographed to create a unique, evocative visual style.

Publisher: Brotherwise Games
Suggested Age: 12+
No. of Players: 4 - 11
Time to Play: 15 - 30 min
Theme: Ninjas
Game Type: Hidden Roles Party Game
Game Mechanics: Closed Drafting, Hidden Roles, Teams, Bluffing, Deduction
UPC/EAN: 856934004238
Product Number: BWGBGM238
Box Dimensions: 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 500g
Batteries Req.: No
Companion App: No
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