Do or Drink - Do or Drink (21+, Adult)

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Ages: 21+
Players: 2 or More
Playtime: ~ 30 min
Adult, Party Game, Drinking, Dare

The game play is simple. Separate the white and black cards into two piles and shuffle. The first player draws a white card, reads it aloud, does what it says, then the next player does the same until someone picks up a white "DRAW" card. Once this happens then that player mus draw a black card from the other pile, read it aloud, and do what it says or drink. If the challenge on the card is completed successfully, the card can be kept by the player and counted as points. Some cards are farm more challenging than others and therefore are worth more but also have greater consequences for failure to successfully perform the challenge. In the end, the player with the most points wins.

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