Game Zone - Gulpin' Guppies

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Ages 4+

2 - 4 Players

Place all your fish at start. Spin the spinner and move any of one of your fish the correct number of moves. The first to get all four fish to the finish wins. But be careful, the bigger fish can gobble up the littler fish along the way. Eat or get eaten! The path to the end isn't as simple as it seems. What happens if your spin lands on the wave? Your fish gets sent back and any guppies that they may have gobbled get freed. No matter how close you get to the end, you can wind up at square one again. Gulpin' Guppies isn't just a family fun board game, but it's a development game that anyone can play. With no reading required, it's perfect even for the younger crowd. The spinner and moves help kids build their counting skills, all while having fun! Playing games early in childhood is important for teaching kids fair play and taking turns. It helps them develop good sportsmanship and a healthy competitive nature. They can gulp their way to the top with a positive, rule-following attitude.

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