Gamewright - Hang Four

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Fetch a wave with champion surf dogs Kelly Slobber, Riptail, and Jeff Spicollie in this totally bone-dacious card game. Get the most dogs on surfboards by cashing in sand dollars to retrieve cards. Roll over to the Dog Shack for a chance at collaring another player’s cards. But watch out, greedy gulls may snatch your cash or a monster wave might cause a major wipe out! The player with the most complete surfboards is the top dog.

Publisher: Gamewright
Suggested Age: 8+
No. of Players: 2 - 4
Time to Play: 20 min
Theme: Get the most dogs on a surfboard
Game Type: Children's Card Game
Game Mechanics: Set Collection
UPC/EAN: 759751055141
Product Number: 032008-75975-D
Box Dimensions: 14 cm x 20.3 cm x 7.6 cm
Weight: 345g
Batteries Req.: No
Companion App: No
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