Book - A Name from the Sky

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Do you know where your name comes from? Growing up in Germany, like so many children around the world, Diane Kruger felt like she didn’t fit in with the other kids. There was the pet bunny she talked to like a friend, her love of books, and even her name, which was unusual for her country. But when Diane’s mother tells her the origin of her name—everything changes! Inspired by Diana, goddess of the hunt and magical protector of animals, Diane learns that she, too, will find her own special powers someday. On a trip to England, Diane and her mother visit the theater, and she is spellbound, realizing she’s meant to be an actress.

This warm and relatable autobiographical story comes full circle when Diane explains how she chose her own daughter’s name, and invites readers to learn the meaning behind their own name and discover their own special powers.

Illustrated in a classic storybook style by fine artist Christa Unzner, this book is sure to instill wonder as it inspires children to follow their dreams and passions.

Author: Diane Kruger
Illustrator: Christa Unzner
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: mineditionUS
Suggested Age: 4 - 8
Page Count: 48
Theme: Children's Family Life Books, Performing Arts Books, Non-Fiction, Autobiography
UPC/EAN: 9781662650918
Dimensions: 25.1 cm x 1 cm x 28.7 cm
Weight: 585g
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