Book - A Walk Through the Rain Forest

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Conservation biologist Martin Jenkins and acclaimed fine artist Vicky White expertly guide readers into the complex ecosystem of Malaysia’s Taman Negara. Conversational prose and photorealistic black-and-white artwork—punctuated by four jaw-dropping full-color spreads—evoke the whir of cicadas and the low call of a pheasant. Pages fill with ants and elephants, leopards and hornbills, gibbons and bats, as animals spread and fertilize seeds to help maintain a magnificent old-growth forest. Every living thing in the rain forest is interconnected, and a dazzling full-color index guide at the end of the book challenges readers to circle back and marvel at animals they may have missed in the dense foliage. Meticulously researched and visually arresting, this creative tour de force is a young conservationist’s dream: the ecotour of a lifetime.

Author: Martin Jenkins
Illustrator: Vicky White
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Candlewick
Suggested Age: 6 - 9
Page Count: 48
Theme: Children's Picture Book, Environment & Ecology, Animals, Trees & Forests
UPC/EAN: 9781536211207
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