Book - Scoop! Harry Styles

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Written By: C. H. Mitford
Ages: 8+
Paperback, Middle Grade, Biography, Non Fiction

A new series of unauthorized biographies on the world’s biggest names and rising stars in entertainment, sports, and pop culture! Complete with quizzes, listicles, trivia, and a full-color pull-out poster of the star, this is the definitive collection to get the full Scoop! and more on your favorite celebrities.

Harry Styles seemed like your average boy-band-turned-solo-musician act. But when he took a leading role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Harry showed the world he was anything but a one-trick pony. And with a sophomore smash to follow up his debut album, things are really starting to heat up for this British bloke!

So, what’s next?

Get the full Scoop! and more on Harry Styles: America’s favorite Brit-pop super star.

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