Book - Scream Street: Skull of the Skeleton

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Written By: Tommy Donbavand
Illustrated By: Cartoon Saloon, Ltd.
Ages: 8+
Paperback, Children's Chapter Book, Middle Grade, Fiction

Make no bones about it! There’s a headhunt underway — as the Scream Street series screeches ahead!

None other than the Headless Horseman, the world’s most famous ghost, is appearing at Everwell’s Emporium to launch his new perfume, “Decapitation pour l’Homme.” Unfortunately, the celebrity’s head is stolen during the event, and his overbearing gargoyle manager is not amused. Eefa Everwell recruits Luke, Resus, and Cleo to help with the search, but Luke is on a headhunt of his own: he’s searching for a skull left behind by Scream Street’s first skeleton resident. Of course, Sir Otto Sneer is determined to thwart the trio—and when he launches a Frankenstein-esque monster, it’s all they can do to keep their own heads!

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