Book - The Princess and the Christmas Rescue

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Written By: Caryl Hart
Illustrated By: Sarah Warburton
Ages: 3+
Hardcover, Children's Picture Book, Christmas

"A welcome twist on a ‘saving Christmas’ story that slyly references familiar fairy tales while placing a tech-savvy princess at its center." – Publishers Weekly

Princess Eliza is lonely in her beautiful snow palace. Stuck inside all day with no one to play with, she figures out how to make almost anything with a few bits of wood and some string—including her own toys! Anything, that is, except the thing she wants most . . . a friend. As she sets off to find one, Eliza is excited to stumble across a group of elves. But — OH, DEAR! — Santa isn’t feeling well, and there are still so many presents to make! Could Princess Eliza be just the person to save Christmas?

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