Calico Critters - Comfy Living Room Set

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Comfy Living Room Set includes a sofa, armchair, low table, television, and television stand.

Comfy Living Room Set features picture sheets within the television that can be taken out and replaced to change the television picture. The included interchangeable materials for the sofa and armchair allow for easy design changes.

Using the unified design, combine with Red Roof Country Home and other figures to create a fun living room scene in which the whole family can come together (sold separately).

Sofa, Armchair x2, Table, Container, Mug, Magazine, Interchangeable Material (for Sofa) x2, Interchangeable Material (for Armchair) x4, Television, Tray, Television Stand (Lower), Television Stand (Upper), Photo Frame, Small Container, Lid, Picture Sheet x6 (a total of 26 pieces)


Brand: Calico Critters
Suggested Age: 3+
Product Number: CC1808
Figures: No
Batteries Req.: No
UPC/EAN: 020373218086
Box Dimensions: 20.3 cm x 17.2 cm x 6.4 cm
Weight: 454g
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