Catan - Treasures, Dragons, and Adventurers Expansion

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Ages: 12+
Players: 3 - 4
Playtime: ~ 90 min
Requires Settlers of Catan, Catan Seafarers Expansion, and Catan Cities & Knights Expansion
Expansion, Route Building, Hand Management, Trade Negotiation

CATAN connoisseurs rejoice! A digital fan-favorite for many years is now available as an actual product! This expansion adds depth and variety to CATAN, Seafarers, and Cities & Knights. Defeat dragons, dig canals, and discover the islands off the CATANian coast.

A set of scenarios for the truest CATAN fans

Includes a plethora of new components to discover

Players can modify existing scenarios or get creative to invent their own maps and scenarios

Adds variety, surprise, and depth to the CATAN universe


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