Douglas - Hoot DLux Spectacled Owl

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Ages: 24m+

Listen to the sounds of the rainforest at night and you might hear the call of Hoot, our DLux plush Spectacled Owl, loudly defending his territory! Found in the jungles of Central and South America, this large tropical Owl boasts unique facial markings that have earned his species its name. Featuring white, eyeglass-shaped markings on dark plush plumage and an ochre colored chest, Hoot is an accurate depiction of the real thing. Our bird’s large, golden colored eyes catch the light in such a lifelike way, you’d think he was staring right back at you! Perfect for an educational setting or for simply cuddling up with at home, this handsome DLux Spectacled Owl stuffed animal will delight Owl lovers of all ages!

Size: 11" Tall

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