Geospace - Air Archer Bungee Blaster

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Ages: 5+

Get ready for a revolution! Our new AIR ARCHER™, with its flexible, bow-like arm, dramatically increases the power of the PUMP ROCKET® launcher. You won’t believe how fast and far these foam rockets will travel. AIR ARCHER uses a patented E-Z Pull Bungee Power system. To operate, simply pull back the launcher piston, stretching the elastic bow bungee cord attached to the ends of the bow. When it’s fully drawn back, let go and...WHOOOSH!!!, the rocket goes screaming off into "space" at Mach speeds! Okay, maybe a little bit slower, but still impressively fast. Capable of traveling up to 150 feet, kids will be amazed. Plus, it encourages hand/eye coordination as well as physical activity, since someone has to retrieve those rockets! Waterproof, so it's safe to use in and around water.

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