Captain Macaque - Braintopia Junior

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Braintopia Junior is a fast-paced brain bender that tests your mental focus, flexibility, and speed, but geared toward younger players. Comprised of eight different types of challenges, players attempt to solve the puzzles faster than their opponents.

Eight challenges that will test different abilities.

Test your awareness, coordination, memory, and speed.

Develop your brain, while playing a game!

In no time, the kids will be better than their parents!

Publisher: Captain Macaque
Suggested Age: 6+
No. of Players: 2-6
Time to Play: <15min
Theme: Memory, Puzzle
Game Type: Children's Game, Family Card Game
Game Mechanics: Pattern Recognition
UPC/EAN: 3770004936298
Product Number: ASMCORKI01QC
Box Dimensions: n/a
Weight: n/a
Batteries Req.: No
Companion App: n/a
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