Exploding Kittens - Happy Salmon

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Happy Salmon will be the center of attention whenever and wherever it’s played. Three to eight players try to move faster and shout louder in this 90 second free-for-all party battle. The game is an endorphin factory built to make you laugh, sweat and celebrate faster than any game you’ve ever tried.

  • Each card has a simple action that requires a partner.
  • Players frantically shout their actions looking for matching players.
  • Once a match is found, and the action performed, both players discard their used cards and repeat.
  • The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins!
Publisher: Exploding Kittens
Suggested Age: 6+
No. of Players: 3 - 8
Time to Play: 90 seconds
Theme: Enthusiastic Fish
Game Type: Children's Party Game
Game Mechanics: Matching, Actions, Real Time
UPC/EAN: 852131006792
Product Number: HS-CORE-1
Box Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 5.1 cm x 17.8 cm
Weight: 270g
Batteries Req.: No
Companion App: No
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