Geospace - Dueling LED Sword

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Ages: 4+
Includes 1 LED Sword in Assorted Colours (Red, Blue)

Our Dueling LED GeoSwords™ are state-of-the-art, super-safe, medieval-style swords that makes realistic whooshing and clashing sounds to enhance realistic play action! The GeoSword detects movement as kids swing it through the air and every time the sword lands a hit. It responds instantly with up to 9 different, random realistic sounds of sword swooshing or clashing. Whenever the GeoSword is hit, it automatically makes various clashing sounds!  A special feature of GeoSword is the special new composite polymer material that surrounds the outer edge so it's super durable, yet totally safe for play.  Embedded in the GeoSword body are super bright LED lights that creates special effects during play, day and night!

For LED lights and sounds, 3 AAA batteries are required (not included). Use a small Phillips-head screwdriver to open the handle and install batteries.

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